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in optic design

design-optic is a network of optical designers and manufacturers for OEM high quality optical systems. We combine the knowledge of optical design with the experience in manufacturing of optical components, electronics and assembly. design-optic grants affordable performant optical systems for image capturing as also for projecting systems.

process of  optical design

optic-design  is a process starting with the need for an individual solution. We assist you from first concept to a first optical design. Machanical design will be started with analyses of optical materials and practicability simmulations. The second design phase grants a funtional system matching your needs in all specification.


together we will go though every detail importenat to your needs. Having a plane view on all issues is essential is first step to match your expectance of the system.
If needed optical designers will be involved in coneption phase.
NDA is mendatory.
Read more about specifications needed for propper optical design.

optic design

notes of concept will be transfered to the optic designer most capable for the project. Most menbers of the design team use Zemax to calculate optical projects. Resonabe design is fist proirity.
Read more about the team of designers to see their experiances in different field of optical design.

mechanical design

the translation of optical design to mechanical CAD based design will lead to new subjects to enclose. More accurate cost estimation can be made on factors like amount of glass needed, housing materials, additional electronic etc.
Read more about CAD, housing and glass options.


within the network you find experienced manufactures of optical components and systems. Regarding your specification assembly can be done in China for reasonable prizing or accomplished in Germany for ultra-high precision products with little tolerances.
Read more about you manufacturing and assembly options.