partners of your service

during many years of experience a network was built in optics. It combines optical design, manufacturing of optical components and the assembly of optical systems. Members are located in China, Japan, Belarus and Germany.

optical designers

design-optic is proud to present some of the worlds best optical designers. Get them to know and meet the specialists that will rise your system to the next levle.
Read more about their individual specialties and get inspired by their work. 

optical components

a system is only as good as its weakest part. To ensure the quality of every single component manufacturers were selected on quality, reliability and delivery time issues.
Read mora about our selected manufacturers of optical components. 


to maintain quality final assembly will be given to the components manufacturer. In case of special needs assembly can be done in house of the customer ore given to a third party facility.
Read more about housing, mechanics and electronics within optical systems. 

optical coatings

our coatings start from anty reflex over bandpass filter to sophisticated multiband notch filter coatings. Also avaliable are  coatings for enviromirmentals issues.
Read more about our sputter technology partners